Alteration & Repair in Manchester City Centre

Wilmslow dry cleaning provides customers with comprehensive garment care to help you look your best every day. Our expert staff can handle everything from small repairs to complete alteration jobs.

Here are the services that Wilmslow dry cleaners can do:

  • Hem skirts, outerwear, pants and dresses
  • Changing sleeve length
  • Repair holes
  • Replace buttons and zippers
  • Adjust the shoulders of a jacket or coat
  • Taking in shirts, jackets, jeans, pants and dresses

Alteration and Repair Services 
Our tailors and seamstresses have decades worth of experience working with different types of fabrics. They can repair snags, tears and can replace buttons and zippers, so you are able to get more life out of your clothes. If you have a hem and you need to have the waist taken out or in, or you want to have sleeves shortened, or shirts tapered, our professional team can take care of all types of alteration and repair jobs.

For simple alterations or repairs such as a shirt’s hem, just pin the dress and put it in a bag carefully with detailed instructions so we can collect it from your preferred location, or you can bring it to us. We can alter the garment in the style you want without custom fittings. If you do not trust us, then you can come to our shop and meet our team of professional and expert tailors so that your garments fit you as you want.

Why are we the Industry Experts?

  • With us, you get to see collection and delivery services at businesses and home
  • We can do same day pickup and delivery service all week long
  • We are a one-stop convenience for your clothes care, shoe repair and tailoring services.

Allow Wilmslow professional Alteration & Repair service in Manchester City Centre to transform your wardrobe with perfectly fitting clothes. From minuscule repair to extensive clothing alteration and tailoring, allow us to help you look your best all the time. We can be your own tailor shop with custom clothing tailors.

Wilmslow dry cleaner’s experts and professional tailors know what a proper fit is for clothes, and they can guide you through the whole fitting process. We can turn your well-fitting garments into great fitting one with our professional alteration and repair services.

Wilmslow is one of the best dry cleaning and laundrette services in the Manchester City Centre. We have great customers reviews. Head to our website and place your order now.