Laundry Service / Laundrette in Old Trafford

Laundry Service/Laundrette in Old Trafford
We provide a clean-dry-fold service that is usually done within 24 hours after receiving it. We have enormous, huge capacity industrial machines as well as ordinary size washing machines and dryers for individuals who don’t have the time to do laundry themselves. In addition, our latest machinery uses less soap, making them cleaner and speedier while saving our clients’ money on detergent.
People of all ages and ethnicities use our services because they trust our hygienic and clean workspace and pleasant customer service. Whether they choose to do it personally or not, everyone wants their garments laundered at some stage. We offer washing and folding, dry cleaning, along with pick-up and delivery services at Wilmslow Laundry service in old Trafford to improve people’s lives and make it a bit easier.
Wilmslow Laundry is unlike any other Laundrette in old Trafford. Our goal and fundamental values are at the heart of everything we do, as well as our ability to implement it well.
From the beginning, our devoted team of specialists will give you the right assistance you need for a great dry-cleaning experience.

At Wilmslow Dry-cleaning, we are: 
• Professional personnel and laundry assistants;
• Much like family – we manage and care for your garments, delicate fabric, and priceless silks as if they were our own!
• Delighted to supply things that are nice, tidy, and provided.

What Kind of People Use Wilmslow Laundry Service?
• Basically, the solution is fairly simple, anyone or anywhere with dirty laundry. Wilmslow Laundry service is known for providing quick, dependable, and high-quality washing, drying, and folding services for corporate companies and individuals.
• We serve your neighbours, educators, doctors, chiropractors, massage and physiotherapists, lawyers, large stores, and worldwide celebrities and their entourages. Wilmslow laundrette in old Trafford Delivery Service will collect and deliver your laundry at your doorstep, irrespective of the sort of account you have. The laundry will be picked up and delivered to your door by our efficient staff at your specified location. Our services “pays for itself” when you consider the savings in water, electricity, and detergent (not to include your time).
• Whether you send in your laundry for us to clean and arrange, or try our pick up & delivery services, Wilmslow Laundry & Dry Cleaners in old Trafford offers the same fantastic value. Our courteous and competent attendants will help you with most of your laundry requirements. Trust us to take care of your laundry.