Alterations and Repairs

Clothes are a big part of our lives, but they require great maintenance. We’ve all had moments of misfortune when our expensive dresses or suits got torn or lost some buttons or zips, making them unwearable. Sometimes you put on or lose weight, and your trousers no longer fit you. Some clothes in your closet seem just out of fashion and could have been the go-to dress for you if only they were a bit shorter or longer. And sometimes, there is that piece of clothing, a favorite shirt or a pair of jeans that has just been with you for long, it’s more than just a piece of clothing, it reminds you of a story, a memory, and you do not want to let go of it.

We, at Wilmslow dry cleaning and laundry service, understand all your needs. It has been over a decade since our love affair with clothes began; ever since, we have strived to provide our customers with the perfect blend of high-end professionalism and uncompromising customer care. Our pride is in the thousands of satisfied customers who drive us forward to ever reach excellence in services and peerlessness in standards. We provide world-class alterations and repair services for all kinds of apparel and shoes. Our seamsters and sewists have decades of experience working in the sector, ensuring that clothes precious to you are handled with the care they deserve. The finished product reflects our unmatched skill and unquestionable focus.

Services provided

1. Waist Take in/ let out
No need to say goodbye to your favourite trousers just because you lost or gained a few kilos; we at Wilmslow dry cleaning and laundry service provide you quick and accurate waist take in or let out services, making sure you do not have to buy all new clothes.
2. Shortening/ Lengthening
Keep your wardrobe up to date in accordance with your needs by making use of our shortening/ lengthening services, making sure your style choices are realised as you imagine them to be.
3. Zip Repairs/ Replacements/ Buttons
Nothing can be more frustrating than a simple broken zip or button ruining your piece of clothing, making them unwearable. Let Wilmslow dry cleaning and laundry service take those frustrations away from you with our alteration and repair services
4. Patches
Get your clothes patched up by our trained staff that will provide a flawless fix so that you do not have to say goodbye to your favourite piece of clothing.
Get Our Services
We provide dry cleaning and laundry services in Manchester, Wilmslow, and Stockport. So if you require dry cleaners and laundry services that you can depend on in the UK, no need to google ‘laundry service near me,’ get in contact with us, and we will pick and deliver your clothes at your provided location and time, promising you timely service you can trust.